The world’s first Consortium, exclusively dedicated to – AI Enhanced, Machine Learning/ Pattern of Life, and Autonomous – Defense, Safety and Security products and services; and, a pioneer in the design, development and deployment of Smart/ Safe Cities in the Middle East.

Middle East and Africa Security Consortium (MEASC)

MEASC is a strategic alliance of multi-disciplinary professionals from the defense, safety and security industries. We are a solutions-oriented network formed to combat the complex risks, threats, and vulnerabilities facing every facet of a connected global society. Our goal is to detect, monitor, deter, and protect, based on the experience, capabilities, and vision of our outstanding global partners.


Asymmetric cyber-physical threats are accelerating rapidly over global networks. The catalyst for this vulnerability is the Internet of Things (IoT), which converges physical objects with cyberspace, thus enabling sensing, actuating, and communicating capabilities for Cybernetic (H2M and M2M) interfaces. An estimated 50 billion connected devices are projected by 2020.

Additional IoT factors create risks, vulnerabilities, and threats to society and infrastructure:

  • We connect devices that self-configure and self-adapt to contextual changes through collaboration, instead of only in response to direct human input. This hyper-connectivity is the double-edged sword underlying the benefits and vulnerabilities of the IoT global village.
  • Seamlessly integrating cyber capabilities of numerous devices with the physical world. This cyber-physical integration escalates and speeds threats to emerging and existing technology.
  • Many of the threats against IoT devices imperil the physical assets of critical systems, which may result in loss of human life.

Our partner capabilities, grounded in cutting edge tradecraft and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enhanced, autonomous, safety and security solutions, were developed to deter and combat these emerging global threats.


No single consortium or firm provides a virtual one-stop-shop or single source for a connected world of end-to-end, safety and security solutions. Our focus, combatting next generation global threats, spans the full spectrum, from cyber and physical security, Smart Cities/ Safe Cities, to infrastructure, CBRNE, force protection, force security, and public safety.

MEASC will provide a seamless, comprehensive approach for safety, security, and defense of critical infrastructure, key resources, regions, cities, campuses, and buildings worldwide.


MEASC translates to “mix” or “weave” in Celtic. Our team is indeed a tapestry of talent from around the world.

  • MEASC consists of leading consulting and technology companies in the defense, safety, and security industry, based in the U.S., and the Middle East.
  • Companies include those from design, protection, and managed services organizations.
  • Our multi-cultural, multi-lingual team consists of highly trained, superbly skilled, award-winning professionals with global security expertise, and many years of living and working in the Middle East and Africa.


MEASC provides an unparalleled depth of safety, security, and defense leadership in the industry.

  • Our breadth of protective high-tech solutions and boots on the ground experience includes multi-national military leadership, law enforcement, and defense organizations worldwide
  • Our outstanding team offers top notch smart solutions for new and emerging threats and vulnerabilities across all relevant sectors
  • Company/firm leadership are committed and personally involved in every assignment
  • Contacts and offices in the U.S., Middle East, North and West Africa.


MEASC is a pioneer in advancing AI in Smart City solutions in the region. AI could contribute US$320 bn to the Middle East economy in 2030, equivalent to 11% of GDP and we are uniquely positioned to exploit this opportunity.


MEASC Partners


09 Nov 2019

MOU Signed between MEASC and Egypt Ministry of Military Production

CAIRO, Nov 9 – State Minister for Military Production Mohamed Saeed el Assar witnessed the signing ceremony of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with MEASC Safe Smart Cities.

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26 Mar 2019

The IoT Security Institute (IoTSI) announced today that it has established a collaborative partnership with MEASC and Quill Security Technology.

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06 Nov 2018


Jawraa Partners with MEASC Partner Vizsafe, a Leading Blockchain Powered Safety Platform to Provide Innovative Security Solutions.

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19 Sep 2018

MEASC Partner VizSafe powers Injazat’s Risk Management Solution (RMS) – a real-time, interactive, crowdsourced risk management solution, underpinned by the power of Ethereum blockchain.

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